Question: Can the buyer install himself the system?

Answer: Yes, the equipment is supplied pre-mounted and can be set up easily within 1H 30m following the user manual provided.

Q: What is the lifespan of the solar modules?

A: The solar modules are high quality brand and as per manufacturer specifications,  90% of power peak performance is guaranteed for 25 years.

Q: What is the lifespan of the mill machine?

A: Due its maintenance free, the mill is a very long lasting machine. The mill itself is a very basic machine equipped with standard tripahse motor that it case, can be adapted and found in any market.

Q: What about the stones?

A: The stones are made from pure granite and most probably you’ll never have to replace it. The machine has a stopper device to avoid useless stones friction without grain. Its recommended to work with the stopper device operating. In case of need to rough the stone faces, special masonry hammer is provided (included)

Q: Are the spare parts available?

A: Yes, all spare parts are available from the SolarMilling company, although some can be locally found in any country.

Q: At night time which kind of electrical source can be used?

A: Single phase 230V – 50Hz, capable to supply 750W.

Q: is there any risk of electrical shock?

A: Not, all the connectors are isolated. You’ll never be in touch with live electrical parts. The earth rod provided is highly recommended to be installed before the operation, to keep the entire equipment safe.

Q: Which kind of cereals can be grinded?

A: All dry cereals can be grinded in this mill. Wet grains could clog the stones and be not effective.

Q: What happens when there is not enough solar radiation?

A: The machine could not work at full performance or even stop due lack of  enough power from the solar modules. In this case it would be better to wait for better radiation conditions o choose electrical mains.