The traditional cereal milling technique, based on Stone Mills is now upgraded to our electrical driven Mill using a state of the art renewable energy system.
Till now, in many places without electricity supply, cereal processing is a real constraint for populations that have not much alternatives other than the use costly generators or time consuming techniques.

Grinding cereals through a machine, using our Solar Milling system means not more dependence on external electrical supply or fossil based fuel.
The clean, silent, simple an easy to operate Solar Milling system meets the needs of thousands of people all over the world, to process their daily cereal based food.

It can grind a wide range of raw dry grains like wheat, barley, teff, millet, maize, rice, beans, etc. Fineness of resultant flour can vary, operating the stone positioner.

Our Solar mill works directly through sun radiation, without batteries. However in case of need of an extension of time after daylight, the stone Mill can still be operated from external power source.



A group of people concerned about lack of clean energy availability in many places in the World, took the decision to develop a system that could be very effective to process Cereals using a simple and reliable Mill machine run by Solar Energy.

Constraints faced by many people without electricity supply on how to grind grain can be now dramatically reduced.

The result of it, is The First Solar Milling system in the World, by the Solar Milling company.

The technical side, as per our experience in solar water pumping is proven reliable, effective and durable. So, cereal processing to convert wheat to flour, maize milling or other grain mills is now affordable for rural communities or off-grid locations.

Stone Mills has been used since centuries using water streams, animal force, or heavy work, usually undertaken by women.

We have upgraded this kind of technique to an electrical motor driven Grind Stone Mill using a state of the art renewable energy technology.

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