Introducing our latest development, the new Zebra Mill machine driven by solar energy, by Solar Milling®.

This grinding system is a complete equipment designed by Solar Milling®. It offers an affordable system driven by solar energy to facilitate an appropriate cereal/food processing technology for the benefit of smallholder farms, rural communities, cooperatives or projects in places where there is not electrical grid.

This Solar Milling® equipment guarantees the possibility to obtain edible flour from different kind of dry grains (maize, wheat, barley, teff, millet, rice…) and dry leaves, soybeans, pepper etc.  directly from the sun energy, so not electric or fuel bills are involved anymore.

Due our mill have no screen, so flour produced is 100% from whole grain, keeping all nutrients from cereals so fats, minerals and vitamins are present in the flour. Due its innovative design, fineness is achieved very easily through a side opening gate.

Designed, manufactured and assembled in our premises in Barcelona. Spain.

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