Paste Maker mill for Peanut Butter / Karite / Shea nuts


Due shortage of supply we have only few units in stock for the Peanut/Shea/Karité grinder head.

It can be coupled to 1.5 kW or 2.2 kW motor, and also a part of a solar system with our Zebra mill for flour. 

October 2021

Making shea butter is a lengthy and work-intensive process that is still largely performed in the traditional manner mostly by women in the regions of Africa where shea trees grow.

At Solar Milling®, we have developed a special machinery for shea/karite process. It has been designed specifically to produce paste out of shea/karite nuts with high performance. Being loyal to our philosophy, this mill is powered by solar energy, making the process affordable in rural off-grid areas.

This paste maker mill can also be perfectly used to process roasted peanuts to obtain peanut butter paste.

Made 100% in stainless steel, this mill can produce about 100kgs per hour of karite butter (prior roasted and crushed).


Integral system for shea/karite process, including three different mills, all powered with one Photovoltaic Array of 5kW (equivalent top 20 solar modules 250Wp power each). All of these three mills are mounted with three-phase motors 400V AC (*), directly coupled to the solar modules, without batteries.

– Karite / Shea paste maker mill.
– Zebra mill for cereals as an inclusive machine for flour process.

Note: Crusher is no available